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Arts and minds

The young performers at WOW Youth Theatre

The arts, culture and heritage have had a very rough ride in the last six months.

We produce graphic design for a number of arts organisations – Dorchester Arts, Pound Arts, the egg theatre, Bath and WOW youth theatre to name but a few – and it’s been tough on them all.

Watching performances, listening to live music and participating in shows and concerts has a hugely positive effect on people. The lovely folk we work with provide a great benefit to people of all ages and it’s been a shame to see it all sidelined.

BUT – you can’t keep a good creative down and these things will come again. Through live streaming, the band has played on, the jokes keep coming and the films keep rolling, and we know some talented actors and singers are going back into rehearsal as I write. Great news.

‘BUT – you can’t keep a good creative down’

So, keep the faith, keep supporting the concerts, festivals, gigs and plays and one day in the not too distant future we will dance, laugh and clap once more.