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Logo love

Our logo for St Cubert church, Cornwall

Of all the things graphic designers produce, why does the logo always attract the strongest views?

Whenever someone brings out a new logo, it seems to polarise the responses into ‘love it’ or – probably more often – ‘hate it’. Have you ever heard anyone say ‘your logo? Yeah, it’s OK’? No, nor have we.

‘Why does the logo always attract the strongest views?’

A logo is a graphic colleague. It may not look perfect all the time but does it represent your brand properly? Can you work with it and depend on it seven and a half hours a day, five days a week? Will it work for your brand, even when you’re not there, looking over its shoulder?

We’ve recently worked on design for an existing logo for one of our Dorset clients. They weren’t totally sure about it and asked us to tweak it and try a few new things. We did, and then we all decided that it was doing its job well, just as it was.

So, the moral is, spare a thought for your logo – it has so many jobs to do that it’s never going to look top dollar on everything, all the time. Are you just as good at doing the accounts as you are at marketing your business?

‘Spare a thought for your logo – it has so many jobs to do’

When you’re thinking about your logo, relax. It’s part of your brand, but not the whole part. Choose a logo that’s going to be a friend – in your good books 99% of the time, but an occasional disappointment – and make it something you love, whether other people like it or not.