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Why do we need graphic designers?

The cover design for one of our family trails, for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

We’re all graphic designers now, aren’t we? like insta and her fellowship of filters has made us all pro snappers? The iPhone has turned us into Tarantino, yes?

Well, no. Or at least, yes, but no. While the graphic design tool shed has had its lock removed and the doors kicked open, it doesn’t make us master craftspeople. It’s wonderful that cool design software is at your fingertips, but there are some things you can’t download from App Store.

‘there are some things you can’t download from App Store’

Like experience, or colour theory, or brand. Like an all-round knowledge of design trends, or a contextual view of where your design sits in a wider client portfolio. Experience builds up an instinct that takes a designer a long way: interpreting a brief is more than, well, interpreting a brief.

It’s like anything in life really. You can go it alone but it helps to be guided by someone who’s been there, done that.

Ever heard of Leonid Rogozov? He was the only Russian doctor at a remote Soviet Antarctic station in the early sixties. During a long blizzard he came down with terrible abdominal pains and realised – as no-one could airlift him out – that he would have to take out his own appendix. Which he did.

So, while this shows you can do things yourself if you really have to, it’s probably worth getting a professional in if you can.